Welcome to the MailChimp Masterclass

I have spent a long time creating this course and making sure it benefits not only small business owners who do not have the funding to work directly with a Virtual Assitant at this moment in time, or for those that just love to learn a new skill.

But I have also created this with new VAs in mind too, I remember when I started working as a VA, I had experience and knowledge that I had gained from working in an office for some 20+ years, but sometimes it is nice to have someone there with a comforting hand to guide you and be there for you.

This course is for beginners to confident beginners to intermediate levels

Let's get started!

The Instructor

Claire Bourke

  • Claire Bourke


    Claire Bourke

    Hi, I am Claire, I have been a Virtual Assistant for 6yrs, but have a wealth of experience that I have gained by working in large multi-national corporate businesses over the last 20+ years. I want to teach small to medium sizes businesses how to do the jobs I do for the sense of achievement as well as understanding not everyone s in the right position to outsource, so giving you the tools to learn in bite-size chunks is a big thing for me. I also know that there are a lot of people starting their paths on becoming a VA too, so I like to use my knowledge to help them learn.

Course curriculum

What to expect

  • 1
    • Who am I
    • Why have I created this?
    • What will you find in this masterclass
  • 2
    Module One - The Beginning
    • Let's have a walk around
    • Landing Page - Intro
    • Reader Friendly Template
  • 3
    Module Two - Templates
    • Templates - What they all are
    • Creating and Customising your Templates
    • Making sure your template is reader-friendly
    • 2019 Changes to Templates
  • 4
    Module Three - Campaigns
    • What are campaigns?
    • Creating your first campaign
    • Customising your campaigns
    • Editing a campaign
    • How to replicate a campaign
    • How to create a simple workflow automation
    • Edit an existing automation
    • 2019 Changes to Automation's and work around
  • 5
    Module Four - Your Audiences
    • What is an audience
    • Creating an audience - Including importing from other sources
  • 6
    Module Five - Tagging
    • What are tags and why should we use them
    • Creating and Assigning Tags
    • Sending campaigns using tags
    • Automated emails with tag triggers
  • 7
    Module Six - Segments and Groups
    • Introduction on Groups and Segments
    • How to set up a simple segment or group
    • Using these to send campaigns
  • 8
    Module Seven - Sign-Up Forms
    • Introduction to Sign-Up forms
    • Walk-through Form Builder and Embedded sign-ups
    • Create a basic sign-Up form
    • Creating an embedded sign-up form
    • Using Yikes plugin
    • Using MailChimp for Wordpress Plugin
  • 9
    Module Eight - Landing Pages
    • What are landing pages
    • Creating, Editing, Tagging and Publishing a Landing Page
  • 10
    Module Nine - Reports
    • Reports
  • 11
    Bonus Module - 2019 Changes
    • 2019 Updates
  • 12
    Thank You
    • What's Next
  • 13
    Whats New
    • Updates


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